Measurements & Tests capability

For our own needs for the development and characterization of power amplifiers, we have invested massively in our 2 RF laboratories. We therefore rely on this equipment and our internal developments to offer our customers our measurement and characterization capabilities.

Load Pull Test Bench

For any power amplifier design, the loadpull characterization is an important and essential step. On the one hand to validate the performance of the nonlinear model if it exists but also to bring precision to our design.

Architected around a vector network analyzer, our loadpull bench can be used under probes to characterize chips on wafer or on carrier in order to obtain a characterization of your technology or of unitary transistor which will then be packaged. Moreover, this loadpull bench can also be used to characterize packaged transistors for which we are able to design test fixture ensuring measurement precision as well as the stability of the chips during measurement.

In all cases it is possible for us to carry out both CW and pulsed measurements. An input tuner allows us to adjust the Z Source seen by the transistor or even perform source pull. On the output side, we have a multi-harmonic tuner allowing us to control both the impedance at the fundamental frequency and the frequency at the second harmonic, the latter having a significant influence on performance for GaN technology.

Vectorial 50 Ohms Test Bench

To characterize the designed power amplifiers, both in CW and pulsed, we use a 50 Ohm bench based on a vector network analyzer. This bench allows us to obtain true and complete S parameters, and in particular the gain and the Input Return Loss. 

Then we can carry out 1 Ton measurements (frequency & power sweeps) in order to obtain the performance of Gain, Efficiency & Power capability in large signal configuration, as well as the important AM/AM & AM/PM curves. 

Thanks to a second RF source we have the possibility of making 2-tone characterizations and thus obtaining information on instantaneous band capacities for example.

Modulated Signal 50 Ohms Test Bench

Based on ADRV9009 Transceivers or the latest RFSoC ZCU670 from AMD, our scalar test benches are able to perform both CW and Pulsed RF Signal measurement (Configurable pulse rise/fall timings in pulsed mode).

Allowing 1 or 2 Tones measurement, the aim of those test benches are 5G modulated signals measurement to characterize the power amplifier linearity performances.

Using the RFSoC as an integrated vector signal generator (VSG) and vector signal analyzer (VSA) allows us to perform IQ Modulation and Demodulation thanks to the IQSTAR Software from AMCAD that drives the all setup. We are able to do acquisition averaging up to 8192 in IQ modulation mode for high dynamic range characterization

Test benches embed closed loop CFR and DPD either from commercial solution or from Wupatec DPD and CFR IP and also able us to perform evaluation of customers DPD.

Measurement Capability to ensure first pass design success

All of these measurement capabilities allow us to provide rigor and seem to us to be an essential tool for carrying out all of our designs and thus providing credibility in our know-how as a designer of power amplifiers ( Link to RF PA Design)


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