Unlocking Efficiency in Wireless
Communication Systems


Wupatec provides solutions to the challenges of today’s wireless communication networks. Wupatec’s combined expertise in the digital and analog domains makes it possible to overcome the typical limitations encountered when mixing both fields of knowledge. With this, analog and digital engineers work hand-in-hand throughout the whole design process, achieving effective, innovative, and reliable results.


In the 5G context, the role of power amplifiers is critical: they consume most of the energy. With our broadband RF power amplifiers integrated with advanced control technology, the solution meets the inter-band carrier aggregation. This is one of the key features of 5G. By solving challenges such as energy consumption and spectral efficiency, Wupatec creates a path to the evolution of the new 5G technology.

Experience the difference with Wupatec – where efficiency meets innovation in wireless communication systems.



Foundry Device Manufacturer

Foundry & device manufacturer

Our specialized solutions, ranging from measuring power transistors to assessing DPD friendliness under 5G signals, are suited to your individual requirements. With further measurement and design support available, we are here to help you realize your technology’s full potential.

Original equipment manufacturer

From component selection to custom designs, we provide tailored solutions to meet your exact needs. Whether you’re integrating Power Amplifiers into your digital designs or seeking dedicated test solutions for your laboratory, our expertise and support ensure seamless integration and superior performance.

Original Equipment Manufacturer
RF Test Designer

RF system designer

Whether you want to combine power amplifiers and digital design for signal production or smoothly integrate DPD, we have comprehensive solutions to meet your demands. Let us work together to build a comprehensive solution that fulfils your requirements and exceeds your expectations.

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