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Aerospace Valley

Aerospace Valley is a major European aerospace cluster in southwestern France, focusing on aeronautics, space, and drones. It promotes innovation and economic growth by uniting industry giants, SMEs, research institutions, and academia. The cluster supports its members with R&D programs, networking, and funding opportunities to enhance global competitiveness in the aerospace sector.

La French Tech

La French Tech is a government-backed initiative to promote French startups and innovation in technology. It unites entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, and community builders to foster a vibrant tech ecosystem. La French Tech provides support through funding, resources, and networking opportunities, aiming to make France a leading global hub for tech and digital innovation.

Ester Technopole

ESTER Technopole Limoges is a technology park in Limoges, France, focused on fostering innovation and economic development. It hosts a variety of high-tech companies, research centers, and startups across sectors like materials, electronics, and biotechnologies. ESTER Technopole provides support through infrastructure, networking opportunities, and access to research facilities, aiming to drive regional growth and technological advancement.

Greentech Innovation

GreenTech Innovation is an initiative by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition to support eco-friendly startups and SMEs. It offers funding, visibility, and networking opportunities to companies advancing the ecological transition in areas like sustainable mobility and energy efficiency. The initiative also runs a national network of incubators to accelerate the growth of green technology enterprises, fostering collaboration and innovation across the sector.

Alpha RLH

ALPHA-RLH is a competitiveness cluster based in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France, specializing in photonics and microwave technologies. It supports companies and research labs in innovation projects, offering expertise, project management, and funding assistance. The cluster focuses on various technological and application fields, including healthcare, communication, aerospace, defense, energy, and smart buildings. ALPHA-RLH provides its members with resources for business development, international expansion, and skill enhancement.

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