RF Power Amplifier and Digital Integration

Synergizing both domains of knowledge

Success depends on mastering both RF power amplifier (PA) design and digital integration. RF power amplifier design ensures efficient and reliable signal transmission, while digital integration harnesses the advantages of digital signal processing, including flexibility, precision, and the integration of advanced features. Let’s work together.

Radio Station, RF Power Amplifier

At Wupatec, we combine these two critical aspects by having the digital and analogue teams work hand-in-hand throughout the design process. This guarantees an optimized performance of various communication systems, such as radio units, radar and satellite modules, and more.

This synergy guarantees the best transmission quality and adaptability to the dynamic requirements of designs and specifications, ranging from telecommunications to space applications. 

In addition to our standard services, we have the expertise to integrate custom code onto processors within the FPGA of an RFSoC. By incorporating specific functionalities and algorithms into the FPGA fabric, we can improve the performance of our RFSoC-based solutions. Within the RFSoC platform, our team ensures seamless integration as well as efficient management of resources, such as dedicated signal processing algorithms or custom control logic. The following describes the joint development of a power amplifier test platform:

Introducing Wupatec's Advanced Test Platform

Wupatec has developed proprietary firmware to accurately characterize RF power amplifiers. This firmware is designed to efficiently manage the complex components of RFSoC, making it a highly capable Vector Signal Transceiver, or test platform. Wupatec provides its advanced developments either as a complete measurement service or as a reference system for amplifier characterisation that can be tested at the client’s facility.

Our test platforms are built on the latest RFSoC ZCU670 from AMD and designed specifically for PA characterization. Our test benches are equipped to conduct continuous wave (CW) and pulsed RF Signal measurements, with configurable pulse rise/fall timings. Additionally, they support single or dual-tone measurements and are tailored for 5G modulated signal assessments, enabling precise evaluation of power amplifier linearity performance.

Our platforms utilize the inherent potential of the RFSoC as an integrated Vector Signal Generator (VSG) and Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) to enable seamless IQ modulation and demodulation. This functionality is supported by the IQSTAR Software from AMCAD, which serves as the driving force behind the entire setup.

Lastly, the test benches incorporate closed-loop Crest Factor Reduction (CFR) and Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD) capabilities. They can employ commercial solutions, for instance, provided by the client, or use our proprietary DPD and CFR Intellectual Property (IP) developed by Wupatec. This integration also guarantees end-to-end characterization solutions providing our clients with a detailed analysis of the amplifier’s performance and characteristics.



Combined efforts that ensure first-pass success

Wupatec’s two pillars reside in its strong digital and analogue knowledge. By having expertise in both fields RF and digital, we ensure DPD friendliness, or the amplifier’s behaviour can be anticipated during the design phase towards its final environment. Let’s work together.


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