RF Power Amplifier Design

Wupatec expertise on High Efficiency Power Amplifier for 5G applications

Our RF power amplifier design expertise covers a diverse range of integration levels, offering tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our experience allows us to offer solutions ranging from discrete amplifiers to integrated modules or MMICs.

Whether on Class AB or Doherty topologies, single or multi-stage, we offer added value in the design of very wideband RF and instantaneous power amplifiers. Indeed, we have designed amplifiers covering the band from 3.3 GHz to 4.2 GHz and demonstrating an instantaneous linearized band of 600 MHz.

From discrete to integration

As far as discrete amplifiers are concerned, whether you are an RF designer or user of power bars, Wupatec can provide with the necessary assistance in your design. If your goal is to display a technology demonstrator, or simply, a commercial product, we can support your case. 

An example of this would be through the design of a specific impedance matching network on a printed circuit board (PCB) using the dielectric Rogers 4350.  

Design RF Power amplifier Wupatec

On the integration side, for compactness reasons, the use of MMIC circuits is widespread in telecom applications, several developments are carried out at Wupatec. We have solid simulation tools that allow us to offer our know-how in the design of MMIC type amplifiers. 

The solutions can range from a MMIC chip that integrates only an input matching network up to 50 Ohms, or also an output matching network. To maintain optimal performances, this output matching network can be placed on the same chip if the technology allows it, or on another dedicated chip.

On the assembly side, Wupatec has partnership for encapsulation of plastic package like over molded QFN package.

From Class AB to Doherty

Depending on the apllication, the class AB or even C amplifier designs can meet the needs. For applications requiring a significant back off power while maintaining a high level of efficiency, Wupatec has extensive experience in the design of Doherty-type power amplifiers.

Over the course of our numerous developments, we have implemented a methodology to ensure the proper functioning of the amplifier designed and also to respond quickly to the feasibility of the requested specifications.

During a multi-stage design we ensure the proper functioning of the entire chain, the interactions of the different stages as well as their stability, thanks to advanced analyzes such as STAN analysis.

RF power amplifier

From dedicated application to wideband multi applications

Our experience allows us to meet very specific customer needs, whether in terms of RF performance: Gain, Power, Efficiency, Linearity or in terms of compactness. 

Thanks to internal developments, we offer wideband designs making possible to address various applications with the same amplifier or to meet the growing needs of channel aggregation of 5G signals.  

Much more than an amplifier design

Our expertise allows to support you in the development of power amplifiers for many applications. We can provide a pre-study in order to guide your desired solution, starting from a detailed specification phase and proceeding to the production stage.

Our design power amplifier design process is flexible. It can be carried out using either your internal technology, or a technology wisely chosen from an open foundry. Then it will lead to a comprehensive design to finally assemble and characterize the amplifier which covers your needs. 

Support, expertise and consideration of the power amplifier’s environment are part of Wupatec’s added value to the power amplifier design. Our ability to design very wideband power amplifiers is based on two complementary pillars:

On the one hand, Wupatec’s very first pillar is our capability to measure and characterize in order to guarantee functional designs from the first iterations. Wupatec’s laboratory offers the possibility to carry out Load-Pull characterizations. This process can be done under probes or with standard connectors. If you want to see more about our test capability, please click “here” (Lien vers Test Capability)

On the other hand, we rely on our strong digital knowledge. We develop internally the necessary software for the use of RFSoC with the aim of characterizing our broadband amplifiers in a radio unit environment. Having expertise in both RF and Digital fields we can ensure DPD friendliness., We are able to anticipate the amplifier behavior in its final environment, by adapting the RF circuit from the very first design step. In addition, we develop our own DPD and CFR algorithms which can be adjusted to your specific needs. If you want to learn more, please follow this link (Lien to Digital Design)


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