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Wupatec, a French startup specialized in the RF and digital domains, deploys its cutting-edge technical expertise across various industries, including telecoms and space. With tangible results and constant innovation we demonstrate our undeniable value. Together, let’s shape a promising future.


M Capital, a French investment leader for 20 years, manages over 635 million euros in assets for various clients. With a focus on Capital Investment, Venture, Real Estate, and Private Debt, it channels savings into socially and economically beneficial projects. Its team of 65 aims to create value for investors, entrepreneurs, and society, making M Capital a valued creator of wealth.

Irdi Soridec

Based in Toulouse, Montpellier and Bordeaux, the management company IRDI Capital Investissement support in capital the companies based in the South West at every stages of their development (initiation, risk capital, development capital / transmission) for an cumulative oustanding amount of 300 million of euros.

EIT InnoEnergy

EIT InnoEnergy fosters innovation and education in sustainable energy across Europe. It’s a public-private partnership connecting businesses, research institutions, and universities to drive technology commercialization. Through support for startups, collaboration facilitation, and educational programs, it accelerates the transition to sustainable energy.

Aquiti Gestion

As an investment management company, Aquiti Gestion has been operating in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region for 20 years. A key player in venture capital in its territory with three offices (Bordeaux, Limoges, Poitiers), it has supported over 500 companies and executives in their growth projects. With nearly 200 million euros, Aquiti Gestion has various financing mechanisms enabling it to engage in all aspects of venture capital and meet the needs of companies in startup, creation, development, and acquisition/transmission phases.

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Address Head Office: 20 rue Atlantis, 87068, Limoges, France

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