5G Test Services

Advanced 5G Power Amplifier Characterization Services

Explore our comprehensive range of 5G measurement and characterization services, specially designed to meet the most stringent requirements of RF power amplifiers. With unmatched expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we offer tailored solutions to optimize the performance of your amplifiers in the ever-evolving landscape of 5G technology.

Key Highlights

Specialized Expertise: Our team of highly qualified engineers possesses extensive experience in power amplifier characterization for 5G applications, ensuring precise and reliable results.

Cutting-Edge Equipment: We have the latest RF measurement equipment and test benches specifically configured for the needs of 5G technology, ensuring comprehensive and detailed characterization of amplifier performance.

Flexibility and Customization: Our 5G power amplifier characterization services are fully customizable to meet your specific needs, whether you require standard tests or custom solutions. We are here to support you.

Detailed Reporting and In-Depth Analysis: We provide comprehensive reports and detailed analysis of your 5G power amplifier performance, enabling informed system optimization.

If you need help with the characterization of your 5G power amplifiers, whether it’s for an initial setup or regular follow-up to ensure maximum performance,, our team (of experts is ready to assist you) is ready to meet your needs with professionalism and expertise. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and discover how we can help you achieve your objectives.

Advanced Technical Capabilities

Platform Overview:

Our testing setup consists of a Vector Signal Transceiver (VST) that is built on the AMD RFSoC DFE ZCU760 evaluation kit, with the unique capability to operate as a benchtop instrument-grade solution .Dedicated firmware has been developed to enable the VST to function as a standalone tool, eliminating the need for additional spectrum analyzers.

The VST can perform both generation and acquisition functions and can measure frequencies from 10 MHz to 7.125 GHz. This makes it possible to carry out power amplifier measurements in conditions similar to those found in a base station.

5G NR Conformance Testing:

Our company is capable of conducting conformance testing in according with the 5G NR specifications.

These tests include transmitter tests that cover aspects such as the transmit signal quality, the output power dynamics, the Error Vector Magnitude (EVM), Occupied bandwidth emissions, and Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio (ACLR), among others.

In order to generate test models (NR-TM) in different operating modes and frequency bands, we utilize IQSTAR 5G NR Downlink tools. Our testing methods have been standardized to ensure transmission bandwidth and subcarrier spacing combinations.

Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD) and Crest Factor Reduction (CFR):

Our expertise allows to support you in the development of power amplifiers for many applications. We can provide a pre-study in order to guide your desired solution, starting from a detailed specification phase and proceeding to the production stage.

Our design power amplifier design process is flexible. It can be carried out using either your internal technology, or a technology wisely chosen from an open foundry. Then it will lead to a comprehensive design to finally assemble and characterize the amplifier which covers your needs. 

Support, expertise and consideration of the power amplifier’s environment are part of Wupatec’s added value to the power amplifier design. Our ability to design very wideband power amplifiers is based on two complementary pillars:

On the one hand, Wupatec’s very first pillar is our capability to measure and characterize in order to guarantee functional designs from the first iterations. Wupatec’s laboratory offers the possibility to carry out Load-Pull characterizations. This process can be done under probes or with standard connectors. If you want to see more about our test capability, please click “here”

On the other hand, we rely on our strong digital knowledge. We develop internally the necessary software for the use of RFSoC with the aim of characterizing our broadband amplifiers in a radio unit environment. Having expertise in both RF and Digital fields we can ensure DPD friendliness., We are able to anticipate the amplifier behavior in its final environment, by adapting the RF circuit from the very first design step. In addition, we develop our own DPD and CFR algorithms which can be adjusted to your specific needs.


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